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As a Back-End Developer you'll join a team of fellow awesome developers (front-end and back-end) who design, build, and launch web applications and websites. You'll work with enterprise web content management systems including our own Titan CMS

Your projects will include sales consulting, design and IA reviews - to ensure our designs are technically sound, and backend coding using the latest from the Microsoft .Net stack - along with C#, ASPX, Javascript, XSL, Microsoft SQL, IIS (and all the standard web development acronymns).

We use the best software development tools, and meet as a team often to discuss and share innovations, new tools and techniques, and better ways to work.

Our solutions are used by Snapon, Briggs and Stratton, Wells Fargo, City and County of Milwaukee and hundreds of other organizations - from Fortune 500s to small nonprofits. 

Job Requirements

  • Web development in the Microsoft stack.
  • 3-5 years of experience is preferred, but it's really about talent and aptitude. Developers with similar experience in different languages will be considered.
  • Microsoft SQL and IIS experience 
  • Specification writing experience is a plus
  • We'll want to know what you know about reusable, maintainable code, and how you code to handle errors and make your code secure.
  • We're all about team. Back-end developers do a lot of sharing of ideas, problems, solution, processes and standards. Really. Team cohesion is very important to us. 
  • We don’t like cowboys. Egos are encouraged to work for our competitors.

Your Background and Values

  • You tend to learn new stuff on your own, often before everyone else.
  • You’re not afraid to go into the boss’s office, and share your ideas for improvements. But, you’re also pragmatic enough to not share every hare brained scheme that pops into your head. (That’s the boss’s prerogative.)
  • You believe that your family comes first and want to work with like-minded people.
  • You enjoy working in a fast paced, evolving and dynamic environment.
  • You have social skills (we know you’re a programmer, but you do need to make occasional eye contact).
  • You may have a degree in something other than Computer Science, and that's ok as long as you've discovered that programming is your first love.

Your First Three Months

  • Learn all about Northwoods. 
  • Learn our time tracking, estimating, source control, and development processes and systems.
  • Take on a small job and work alongside existing programming staff to learn the ropes.
  • Listen a lot.
  • Attend a Northwoods webinar or two.
  • Attend code review sessions.

Ongoing Duties

The amount of time spent on each will vary from day to day:

  • Full lifecycle application development.
  • Consulting, designing, coding and debugging.
  • Performance tuning, re-factoring, load balancing, usability, testing.
  • Support, maintain and document software functionality.


The Northwoods Culture

With a relaxed environment, fresh hot popcorn, and the obligatory ping pong and foosball tables, we enjoy the amenities expected from a cutting-edge tech and digital marketing company. But that’s not what makes us love our jobs – it’s the people and the work that makes Northwoods great:

  • We learn something new each day. From Fortune 500 companies to industrial manufacturers to local non-profits, we work on a wide variety of projects. The diversity of our clients and our commitment to forward-looking technologies and strategies means we’re constantly engaged and learning new things.
  • We trust and value each other. Ego has no place at Northwoods (our president sits in a cubicle like the rest of us), and we don’t focus on titles. When any one of us has an idea, solution, or criticism, we know we can voice it openly and honestly – and we listen respectfully when our colleagues do the same.
  • We hire people, not skillsets. We don’t just find people familiar with specific tools or technologies; we look for motivated self-starters who know how to learn and are eager to grow. We hire the best and brightest – leaders, team players, and creative problem solvers – and give everyone the opportunity to make the most of their unique talents.
  • Our families come first. We have a strong work ethic and commitment to our clients, but we also have busy lives. Sometimes we work from home, sometimes we choose to work odd hours, and sometimes we bring our kids or dogs (or both!) into the office. Each of us gets to decide for ourselves what the ideal work-life balance looks like.
  • We each grow in our own way. As our interests change and career goals evolve, so do our roles with our clients and within the company. We all find new boundaries to push; Northwoods gives each of us the latitude and freedom to pursue our passions and create our own career story.
  • We’re driven to constantly do our best. And Northwoods provides an environment that allows us all to do exactly that.

Our Mission

Northwoods is a digital solutions company that helps smart organizations create a superior online presence through the development of effective websites, software and digital marketing services. Using a strategic approach, dedication to learning, problem solving abilities, and our unwavering honesty and integrity, we strive to become our clients’ most trusted digital partner, helping them to grow and achieve their goals.

Our Values

Family | Fun | Honesty | Excellence | Lifelong Learning

Milwaukee Business Journal Best Places to Work Logo for 2020

Our unique culture is one of the many reasons we're (proudly!) recognized as one of Milwaukee's Best Places to Work by the Milwaukee Business Journal


How to Apply

If you're looking for a career destination - a unique place where your career path, experience and values intersect (not just another job) - we want to talk to you! Send your resume and cover letter to Thanks for your interest!