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4 Questions Manufacturers Must Answer Before Selling Direct to Consumer

Original Broadcast Date: June 17, 2020

Discussion Moderator: Matt Karge

Panelists: Jim Brophy, Rick Fessenbecker, Doug Lantz, and Chris Wilson


Technology has made it easier than ever to create a digital storefront, leading many manufacturers to consider the idea of cutting out the middleman and selling directly to the consumer (D2C). But selling online can be fraught with potential problems. Before your organization jumps in and sells direct, find out from our panel of experts the four key questions you need to answer first and get additional advice and insights.

Key Take Aways

  • Find out what's really at stake when leaving out your traditional sales channels
  • Learn how to determine if your purchasers can really buy your product online
  • Learn how marketing ecommerce is different than what most manufacturers are used to
  • Find out how going D2C can sometimes do more harm than good