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 “That the Northwoods team was able to turn Jar Store's digital ad performance around so significantly and continue to bring new, data-driven strategies to the table is beyond impressive. Once our company acquired Jar Store, retaining Northwoods as a partner was an easy decision for our leadership team. Northwoods' digital marketing and advertising expertise and their team's ability to achieve results is second to none.”

- Colleen Wagner, Marketing Manager, Basco

Jar Store - A Basco Company

Digital Advertising

Jar Store, founded in 2004, offers a full range of contract and customer wholesale glassware solutions for virtually all market segments. Jar Store, a Basco Company, offers exceptional pricing and short lead times, making it not only a glass packaging distributor of choice, but also a strategic partner in reducing commercial customers’ time-to-market.

Strategic Digital Advertising Results in 1,111% Increase in Return on Ad Spend

When Jar Store’s previous digital advertising efforts weren’t resulting in sales, its executive team looked to a new partner to turn things around. Northwoods developed and deployed a number of successful digital advertising strategies, leading to an impressive 1,111% return on ad spend, and a 104% increase in gross revenue from digital ads. When Basco purchased Jar Store in 2020, Basco leadership was so pleased with the results, they retained Northwoods as their trusted digital advertising partner.  

The Situation

  • Jar Store’s former agency wasn’t effectively managing its digital advertising, resulting in flat sales.
  • Additionally, the agency wouldn’t give Jar Store full access to the advertising accounts it had set up, hampering the marketing team’s ability to understand performance, calculate ROI, or easily move their accounts to another vendor.
  • Jar Store’s marketing team turned to the digital marketing and advertising experts at Northwoods to help remedy the situation and turn their advertising results around.

The Solution

  • Northwoods immediately set up a new Google Ads account and enabled Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce functionality to improve product promotion and sales - and to allow for revenue calculation.
  • Northwoods also gave the Jar Store team full access to advertising and analytics accounts so they could access their data at any time.
  • The Northwoods team then conducted a digital strategy, reviewing current organic and search ad performance and assessing keyword targets, resulting in recommendations for multiple improvements.
  • Northwoods’ digital experts developed and deployed new advertising strategies and tactics, including Google Shopping and Google Search Ads. Coming soon are remarketing and prospecting campaigns across various channels, including Pinterest, Facebook and Google Display Network.
  • Keyword terms were expanded to include unbranded terms, in addition to branded terms that were already being targeted, in order to increase performance and conversions.

The Outcome

  • Eight months after taking over management of Jar Store’s digital advertising initiatives, Northwoods achieved an impressive 1,111% YoY return on digital ad spend. Digital ads were now driving sales.
  • During that same timeframe, gross revenue from digital advertising increased 104% YoY.
  • Basco, which acquired Jar Store in 2020, was so impressed with Northwoods’ results that Basco leadership retained Northwoods as its advertising partner after the acquisition.
  • In addition to digital advertising management, Northwoods now also manages Jar Store’s website.

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