precision engineered threaded component

 “Northwoods’ comprehensive strategy was the key to our success. They took the time to understand our needs, craft a solid approach backed by deep SEO knowledge, and executed effectively.”

- Justin Hubert, Global Sales & Marketing Leader, PST

PST (An MTI Company)

Digital Marketing

PST designs and manufactures precision-engineered threaded components, including ball screw assemblies, acme screw products, precision threaded rods and component level systems. PST offers comprehensive engineering services, including thread forming, cylindrical grinding, heat treating, CNC turning, mill work, and more.

Northwoods Optimized The PST Website To Achieve Improved Results In Organic Search

When PST launched its new website, the marketing team wasn’t sure what they should do to drive traffic. They knew they needed a partner to develop a solid strategy for increasing qualified web traffic, so they turned to the trusted digital experts at Northwoods.

The Situation

  • PST needed to increase traffic to their new website.
  • The marketing team wanted to increase brand awareness through organic search.
  • PST’s previous website did not rank for the keywords they were looking to target.
  • A new keyword and content strategy was needed to drive more qualified organic traffic.

The Solution

  • Northwoods developed a keyword strategy broken down by search intent.
  • Targeted keywords were then matched to corresponding pages on the PST website; targeted keywords were also matched with new blog post topics for additional keyword targeting.
  • Northwoods implemented corresponding content changes on the website and developed one blog post per month to drive more organic search traffic.

The Outcome

  • After the first two months, the PST website experienced a 37% increase in total keyword rankings.
  • Since then the total number of keyword rankings has continued to grow, and organic traffic to the website from Google search has increased by 41%.