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 “We knew we needed help with SEO, but it was Northwoods’ ability to accurately assess and strategically analyze our performance that led to the discovery of significant organic search growth opportunities.”

- Andrea Kahn, ShoreTrips


Digital Marketing

ShoreTrips enhances the port of call experience for cruise-goers world-wide through exceptional personal tours, activities and excursions.

Northwoods Digital Marketing Experts Uncover New Opportunities For Growth

ShoreTrips is known for seeking out and offering the very best guides and activity providers for cruise-goers at ports of call throughout the world. Their clients rave about their experiences, and in 2019 ShoreTrips won a Gold Travvy award for offering the world’s best shore excursions. But in the competitive world of travel, ShoreTrips knew that they couldn’t rely on awards and word of mouth alone to continue to drive business - so they turned to the digital marketing experts at Northwoods to uncover additional growth opportunities.

The Situation

  • Prior to working with Northwoods, ShoreTrips hadn’t focused much on search engine optimization (SEO), but their new marketing director knew it was critical to their continued success.
  • After a comprehensive audit that included a deep dive into the competitive landscape, on-page technical SEO, and in-depth keyword research, the Northwoods team pinpointed opportunities for growth around specific keyword groupings.
  • Lack of organic search visibility around keywords relating to cruise lines and cruise ships significantly limited ShoreTrips’ exposure to searchers looking for excursions for their designated cruise.

The Solution

  • The Northwoods team recommended a strategy of developing landing pages targeted at specific cruise lines and cruise ships to achieve organic search performance.
  • ShoreTrips and Northwoods worked closely together to implement the recommendations, with Northwoods creating a list of necessary landing pages and writing on-page copy, headers, page titles, URLs and meta descriptions for each. Northwoods then worked with ShoreTrips’ internal design and development teams to build and launch the new landing pages on their website.

The Outcome

  • Since the landing pages launched in April 2019, ShoreTrips has gained more than 1,000 new keyword rankings, including 150 on the first SERP (search engine results page) on Google.
  • The strategy has also generated 4,000 new visits to the website and is beginning to drive excursion sales.