Website Design & Development

Strang is a national architectural, engineering, interior design and master planning firm that places a fierce focus on the synchronized interplay of all four disciplines. Through integrated expertise, blended professional counsel, problem solving, a focus on sustainability, and united effort, their expert team designs award-winning, highperformance facilities, both inside and out. 

Northwoods Design Results In A 2019 Gold ADDY Award

Despite an abundance of beautiful imagery showcasing their award-winning designs, Strang’s previous website still pulled up short. The Strang marketing team knew they needed a new site that would showcase their creativity, exceptional work, and unique organizational culture through more modern, bold web design that better reflected their brand. Strang found the design skills, WordPress expertise, and holistic project approach they were looking for at Northwoods.

The Situation

  • Strang’s new website needed to accurately reflect the Strang brand and innately represent the organization’s proprietary “Design Synchronicity” protocol that brings architects, engineers, interior designers, and master planners together for optimal results.
  • In addition to web design expertise, Strang was looking for a digital partner that could see the “big picture” – one who understood their overall business goals and how the website strategically fit in.

The Solution

  • Using a data-centric approach focused on how users search for information, Northwoods digital marketing experts crafted a digital strategy to guide the website redesign.
  • The result was a new site featuring modern, interactive design with lots of movement – including rotating text, image sliders, and hovers – and a strong, intuitive user experience (UX) to accentuate Strang’s stunning imagery and to better engage site visitors.
  • The new design also reflected Strang’s entire marketing support program, carrying the brand through from the traditional to the web for a fully integrated experience.


Homepage Design

Northwoods’ designers weren’t shy with images! The big, beautiful image at the top of the page takes up the full screen to make a strong first impression. A video then plays in the background to help users better understand the full-service capabilities that Strang provides. 

hand-drawn bird, chirping

 Our firm was pleased with the technical knowhow and creative development of the work provided by Northwoods; but, I would consider that ‘table stakes.’ What we really benefited from was their soft skills, such as listening, caring, and attention to detail. We also appreciated their candor, straight talk, and sincere interest in doing their best work for us.

- Randy Banks, Executive Vice President | Chief Marketing Officer, Strang


Strang takes pride in its work with STEAM Camp, a program aimed at getting children involved with science, technology, engineering, arts and math. The team wanted to make sure to highlight this annual event on their website. 

Because images speak louder than words, a large image gallery showcases past STEAM Camp events. Using original photography adds authenticity and provides site visitors with quick and visual insight into how the event operates. 

Images also help to break up text by creating a shorter width that makes it easier to read with less strain; stretching content the full width of the screen makes it more difficult for users with larger screen sizes to read. 

Overall Website Design

Strang’s bright color palette can be overwhelming when over-used, which is why Northwoods used imagery, white space, and a darker gray pattern to help balance out the bright colors. 

The dark gray pattern plays off the grid structured carried through the website. Grids and clean lines align well with the engineering and architecture services that Strang provides. The grid structure is also very adaptive to different content needs. 

In addition to large photos, Strang also uses video and 360-degree panoramic virtual tour elements to give users a more interactive look at previous job sites. Some videos are simple time lapses of past construction, illuminating Strang’s services and processes and resulting in greater engagement and interaction with the website.

The Outcome

  • The American Advertising Federation in Madison, Wis., recognized Strang’s new website with a 2019 Gold ADDY award in the Online/ Interactive – Websites – B-to-B category.
  • A Gold ADDY is the highest level of recognition of creative excellence and is judged to be superior to all other entries in a given category.
  • Since Strang’s new site launched, visits have increased by 6,150% and average page load speed has decreased by 56%, pointing to an improved user experience.