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 “Northwoods’ ability to take our existing data and strategically combine it in a way that we weren’t able to do previously has been a game changer. We’ve gone from having helpful insights to having deep, actionable insights that are already creating significant value for both our tactical sales organization and our distribution partners.”

- Christopher Morse, Vice President of Information Technology, Z-Medica


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Z-Medica, now part of Teleflex, is a leader in hemorrhage control, working tirelessly to develop innovative products and solutions for military personnel, healthcare providers, law enforcement, first responders, and consumers around the world.

Northwoods Leverages Power BI To Combine Disparate Data For Actionable Results

As all smart organizations do, Z-Medica, now part of Teleflex, routinely uses sales data to help make informed and effective decisions. But they knew they could get deeper, more actionable insights if they could combine their sales data with market data in a new and innovative way. The only question was: how. Enter Northwoods and Power BI.

The Situation

  • Z-Medica’s tactical sales team is responsible for different territories across the globe, with each sales rep managing reseller relationships and growth targets by region.
  • Sales data alone – even presented in a highly visual way – wasn’t giving the sales reps the actionable insights they needed to uncover what they knew were greater opportunities for growth in their assigned regions.
  • Both the executive and sales teams wanted answers to questions that didn’t have simple, intuitive explanations.
  • To answer those questions, Z-Medica needed to integrate disparate data sets and display the results in a way that could lead to new insights.

The Solution

  • Using Power BI, a data visualization tool from Microsoft, Northwoods took Z-Medica’s sales and reseller information and strategically combined it with market data, resulting in a highly visual data display to uncover previously invisible insights.
  • The Power BI solution was seamlessly integrated into Z-Medica’s extranet, which is powered by Northwood’s Titan CMS*, and made available to their tactical sales reps and resellers. With Titan CMS’s security features, tactical sales team members and reseller partners can access data for a specific territory or region, or view data at a global level.
  • Z-Medica’s Power BI solution is white labeled so that their brand directly benefits from any positive awareness and preference it generates.

The Outcome

  • While their Power BI solution is relatively new, Z-Medica’s resellers are already commenting on the value, and the sales team is starting to uncover new ideas for growth.
  • By supporting their resellers with highly actionable data, Z-Medica also believes it will encourage them to focus more time and energy on selling Z-Medica products over others.
  • The Z-Medica team views this project as a starting point for new idea generation that will eventually lead to bigger opportunities.
  • Titan CMS is not required for Power BI implementation; however, it can help streamline data management.