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Website UX Design Basics Every Marketer Needs to Know

Original Broadcast Date: February 22, 2023

Presented By: Jenna Dehn, UX/UI Web Designer & Developer and Katelyn Goerke, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist


Website design is both an art and a science. Make sure you have the science part covered by understanding and implementing user experience (UX) best practices! Join us for an overview of website UX design principles and find out how good UX positively impacts your business. Using real-world examples, we'll help you assess how well your site is meeting UX best practices today, show how prototypes can aid in UX design, discuss how to use A/B testing to make incremental changes, and share ideas for making UX improvements that facilitate the customer journey. Improve your business success through good UX!

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Key Take Aways

  • Review the importance of UX and UX best practices 
  • Understand how good UX makes navigating and interacting with your site easier 
  • Learn how UX impacts overall brand perception 
  • Find out how implementing UX best practices and using A/B testing facilitates the customer journey and helps to increase conversions 
  • See how prototypes can aid in UX design