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Higher Education Roundtable

Original Broadcast Date: November 30, 2022


Higher education websites are one of the most challenging to develop strategically, make user-friendly, and maintain effectively over time. But our expert higher ed. team is here to guide you! 

Join us for a casual roundtable discussion where we'll share proven insights, tips, and trends for creating websites and digital solutions that help solve the key issues that colleges, universities, and other secondary education organizations face. Leave with ideas that help you attract and compete for new students and better engage with other stakeholders.    


  • Alex Boston, Digital Strategist
  • Katelyn Goerke, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Dana Grennier, Account Director
  • Fred Pike, Managing Director & GA/GTM Practice Lead
  • Jim Brophy, Group Director - Digital

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Key Take Aways

  • The key issues facing higher education institutions and the digital solutions that can help solve them 
  • The importance of storytelling and how to tell your story online 
  • Planning your website project, including the importance of content development for SEO 
  • Setting up and effectively managing analytics