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Re-use, reject or Replace: UA Events in a GA4 World

Original Broadcast Date: February 16, 2021

Presented By: Fred Pike


Before GA4, events were the heart and soul of a great implementation of Universal Analytics (UA - i.e. the "old" GA). With GA4, everything is an event, and you've probably noticed they're totally different - no more Event Category, Action, and Label. So what to do with your UA events in a GA4 world - particularly those UA events that so richly tracked all the important interactions on your website?

Fred Pike, Northwoods resident GA and GTM guru and practice lead, explains how to decide what UA events you should re-use, reject or replace in GA4 and the steps you'll need to take. This is a unique opportunity to get expert guidance to ensure your GA4 property is set up properly from the start!

Key Takeaways

  1. The difference between events in Universal Analytics (UA) and GA4
  2. New event types in GA4 and recommendations for which ones to use
  3. UA events you can re-use or repurpose in GA4 and to set them up
  4. Resources for additional information and support