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Using Munchable Video to Drive Stronger Engagement

Original Broadcast Date: October 12, 2022

Presented By: Jim Brophy, Group Director - Digital, Northwoods & Ben Tosado, Parmonic


We aren’t the first to tell you: Video consumption is growing, and B2B organizations need to use the medium to engage and convert prospects across marketing and sales. At a shocking 8 seconds, the modern buyer’s attention span demands shorter, more impactful visual content that delivers value fast. It’s no wonder TikTok and Instagram Reels are so popular!

If you know you need to take your video content marketing strategy beyond hour-long webinars, join experts from Northwoods, a leading digital strategy and digital marketing agency, and Parmonic, the world’s first AI-based video automation for B2B marketers, to learn:

  • How short-form video drives engagement, conversions, and loyalty.
  • How Parmonic’s technology creates bite-sized videos at lightning speed – without needing a video team.
  • How Northwoods builds munchable video distribution strategies to drive lead gen and customer success as in-house marketers and agency partners.

See how artificial intelligence plus strategy help you use video to win over prospects, close deals, and create raving fans!

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Key Take Aways

  • Why turning long-form video content into snackable videos drives awareness and engagement across marketing and sales channels 
  • How Parmonic helps B2B marketers drive impact in a video-first world without hiring a pricey production team 
  • The importance of developing a strategy to plan for, develop and leverage munchable videos to drive engagement 
  • Use cases and examples of how companies are strategically using bite-sized video content to extend their content marketing efforts, convert prospects and drive loyalty.