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Google Analytics 4 resource hub

How-Tos and Best Practices for Setting Up and Managing Your GA4 Instance


GA4 represents the biggest overhaul of Google Analytics to-date. And now, Google has announced that it will sunset GA3, or Universal Analytics, on July 1, 2023. But it's critical to start collecting data in GA4 now in order to be able to view as much year-over-year data as possible.

So if you're experiencing feelings of both excitement and existential dread, we understand! But don't worry – our expert digital marketing and analytics team is here to get you through the transition. 

We've built a resource hub to share best practices and tips for setting up and managing your new GA4 instance in the hopes of reducing your stress and increasing your enthusiasm about this seismic shift. We'll be adding new resources often, so be sure to check back again soon!

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How-To Videos

Cross Domain Tracking in GA4

GA4 Debug View

UA Events in a GA4 World

Getting Started With GA4


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Blog Posts

Google Is Sunsetting GA3: Now What?

As of July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics (UA), also called GA3, will no longer accept any incoming traffic. What does that mean, though, and what should you do? Here’s a high-level outline of the steps you need to take to ensure continuity in your analytics.

Headshot of Fred Pike, Managing Partner of NorthwoodsAuthor: Fred Pike, Manager Director and self-avowed GA & GTM freak

GA 4 Set Up Tips: The Most (Non-) Authoritative and (Non-) Definitive Guide

Google Analytics 4 came out of beta on October 14, 2020. With its “less-is-more” approach and completely different interface, working with it will come as a shock to those of us who know (and maybe even love) the “old” version of GA. Here are some initial and (non-definitive) tips for setting it up.

Headshot of Fred Pike, Managing Partner of NorthwoodsAuthor: Fred Pike, Manager Director and self-avowed GA & GTM freak

Four Tips for GA4 Events

Want to improve your Google Analytics event data collection? Try these four tips for GA4 events.

Headshot of Fred Pike, Managing Partner of NorthwoodsAuthor: Fred Pike, Manager Director and self-avowed GA & GTM freak


Re-Use, Reject or Replace UA Events in a GA4 World

Before GA4, events were the heart and soul of a great implementation of Universal Analytics (UA - i.e. the "old" GA). With GA4, everything is an event, and you've probably noticed they're totally different. So what to do with your UA events in a GA4 world - particularly those UA events that so richly tracked all the important interactions on your website. Fred Pike, Northwoods resident GA and GTM guru and practice lead, shares how to decide what UA events you should re-use, reject or replace in GA4 and the steps you'll need to take to ensure your GA4 property is set up properly from the start.

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Planning Your Move from GA3 to GA4

Have you been thinking about making the move from GA3 (Google Universal Analytics) to GA4? Now's a great time to get started ... rumor has it Google is planning to end support for GA3 in 2023. Whether or not that's true, it's still a good idea to plan your transition sooner rather than later. (After all, it's Google's world and we're all just living in it!) Fred Pike, our GA and GTM guru, guides you through the planning process to help make your transition as seamless and as painless as possible.

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"I don’t believe any organization is truly prepared for the significant overhaul that GA4 represents – it’s essentially a whole new tool. The integrity of our website data is far too important for our team to have attempted GA4 set up ourselves and risk losing data, tracking events inaccurately, or making a huge mistake that we wouldn’t realize until much later down the road, when it would be too late to fix.

Northwoods’ GA4 expertise gave us the peace of mind we needed, knowing that our GA4 instance would be set up properly from the very start. And, the training they’ve provided for our team has been outstanding. I can’t underscore enough how critical choosing an expert like Northwoods is for transitioning to GA4.”  

- Wendy Ruenzel, Healthcare Marketing Professional