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Our Story

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Our Mission

Northwoods is a digital solutions company that helps smart organizations create a superior online presence through the development of effective websites, software and digital marketing services. Using a strategic approach, dedication to learning, problem solving abilities, and our unwavering honesty and integrity, we strive to become our clients’ most trusted digital partner, helping them to grow and achieve their goals.


On Diversity

At Northwoods we believe that diversity, equality and inclusion are some of our biggest strengths. Here, our definition of diversity is broad and includes race, gender, LGBTQ+ status, disability, age, socio-economic status, parental and caregiver status, and more. We believe it’s everyone’s job to embrace diversity in order to fuel innovation and growth. We want all team members to have a seat at the table and a voice that’s heard.

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Welcome to Peace of (Digital) Mind

There’s a familiar saying in the northwoods: A friend tells you what you want to hear … a best friend tells you what you need to hear. Usually over a beer, or maybe a latte.

Here at Northwoods, we pride ourselves on being our clients’ digital best friend.

We listen closely to our friends – our clients – and always value their input. Though if we think there’s a better, more efficient, or more effective way to help them meet their goals, we’re going to say it. (Nicely, of course!) After all, a successful relationship is built on respectful dialogue and idea sharing. 

And our ability to share our ideas, opinions and expertise in a friendly, honest and transparent way is one of the things our clients say they value most about us - and what makes us different from other digital agencies. In fact, our clients often use the term “happy” to describe how Northwoods makes them feel. We think that’s pretty amazing.

But creating happiness – that peace of mind knowing they’ve chosen the right digital partner –, doesn’t happen by accident. We specialize in building positive, long-term relationships and ensure our clients get the exceptional service and results they deserve. All backed by our digital marketing and software development teams’ impressive expertise and experience.

So if you’re looking for peace of (digital) mind, you’re in the right neck of the woods!

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Our Values

  • Family
  • Fun
  • Honesty
  • Excellence
  • Lifelong Learning