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Digital Advertising

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Reach existing audiences and uncover new ones.

Improve your ROI with digital advertising strategy and execution that gets you in front of key audiences both when they're looking for you ... and when they aren't.

Digital advertising can help you reach current customers, ideal prospects, and even uncover brand new audiences, driving more leads and ultimately, higher conversions. 

No matter your goals, digital advertising can help you achieve them.


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We ensure your ad dollars drive results.

Our digital advertising experts have experience in multiple advertising platforms and tools to help you uncover new audiences and effectively reach existing ones. We ensure your dollars are driving results, not just racking up impressions.

And, when coupled with learnings from SEO, we often uncover opportunities to reduce ad spend and improve your ability to meet your goals.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been running campaigns for years, Northwoods can help you take your digital advertising to the next level.

Northwoods Digital Advertising Services

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Advertising Campaign Set Up

Launch your digital advertising journey seamlessly. Our experts handle end-to-end campaign set-up, ensuring every element is strategically configured for maximum impact.

Digital Advertising Management

Entrust your digital advertising to the pros. Our meticulous ad campaign management services keep your digital advertising efforts on track, optimizing performance and maximizing ROI.

Digital Ad Campaign Optimization

Fine-tune for success. Our advertising optimization strategies enhance the performance of your campaigns, ensuring they adapt to changing market dynamics and deliver sustained results.

Digital Ad Strategy

Craft a roadmap to success. Our digital ad strategy services align with your business goals, employing data-driven insights to create impactful campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

Digital Ad Audits

Ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Our digital ad audits meticulously assess campaign performance, identifying opportunities for improvement and fine-tuning strategies for optimal results.

Digital Advertising Management

Entrust your digital advertising to the pros. Our meticulous ad campaign management services keep your digital advertising efforts on track, optimizing performance and maximizing ROI.

Display Ads

Captivate your audience visually. Our display ads leverage compelling visuals and strategic placement to enhance brand visibility and drive engagement.

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Target with precision. Our geo-fencing services enable location-based targeting, ensuring your ads reach the right audience in the right place at the right time.

Google Ads

Dominate the digital landscape. Our Google Ads expertise positions your brand prominently in search results, driving qualified traffic and boosting your online visibility.

Mobile Ads

Reach users on the go. Our mobile ads are crafted for optimal performance on mobile devices, ensuring your brand stays in the palm of your audience's hand.


Stay top-of-mind. Our remarketing strategies re-engage users who have interacted with your brand, reinforcing your message and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Search Ads (PPC)

Secure prime real estate on search engines. Our PPC services place your ads strategically in search results, driving targeted traffic and maximizing your digital advertising investment.

Social Media Ads

Spark conversations and conversions. Our social media ads are designed to captivate audiences on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn, driving engagement and conversions.

Video Ads

Tell your story visually. Our video ads leverage the power of sight, sound, and motion to create compelling narratives that resonate with your audience.

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The Institutes Knowledge Group

Nonprofit, Societies & Associations

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  • Nonprofit
  • Societies & Associations
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Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer

Healthcare, Societies & Associations

Industry (NWS 2023)
  • Healthcare
  • Societies & Associations



Industry (NWS 2023)
  • Manufacturing
Woman singing on a stage next to a man playing guitar

Milwaukee Irish Fest

E-Commerce & Consumer

Industry (NWS 2023)
  • E-Commerce & Consumer

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