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Web Accessibility

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Make your website accessible to all. 

Nearly 61 million adults in the US live with a disability (visual, hearing, learning, mobility and other), which translates into nearly 26% of all adult Americans – more than half of whom access the internet regularly. If your website isn’t accessible to them, you’re missing out on reaching a significant number of potential customers.

Adherence to website accessibility standards improves usability for everyone, enhances user experience, builds brand loyalty and encourages conversions. That’s why, at Northwoods, we design and develop every website with accessibility in mind.


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Rely on our deep web accessibility expertise.

No matter where you're at in your web accessibility journey, Northwoods' accessibility experts are here to guide you. Our dedicated accessibility team works hand-in-hand with our UX designers to create and deliver websites that meet WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility guidelines (the current gold standard) at launch.

We also use a combination of automated accessibility tools, manual testing and assistive technololgy testing to audit existing websites for accessibility compliance, identify issues, and develop and implement remediation plans.

But accessibility compliance is never a one-and-done endeavor. As your website changes over time, new content, images and design updates can affect compliance with WCAG standards, making basic accessibility training essential for everyone who authors and publishes content on your website. Periodic audits ensure ongoing compliance.

If you want to reach and engage with a broader audience of potential customers – and improve the experience for your current ones – make your website accessible to all. Northwoods can help!

Northwoods Web Accessibility Services

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Accessibility Audits

Evaluate the accessibility of your website. Our accessibility audits meticulously assess digital platforms to identify potential barriers for users with disabilities, providing a comprehensive overview of current accessibility levels.

Accessibility Remediation

Enhance digital inclusivity. Our accessibility remediation services address identified issues, ensuring that your digital content and platforms align with accessibility standards, fostering a more inclusive online experience.

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Accessibility Training

Keep your website accessible as you make changes. Our accessibility training equips your team with the expertise to create and maintain content that adheres to accessibility standards, promoting a culture of inclusivity within your organization.

Accessible Website Design

Create inclusive user-centric design. Our accessible website design services prioritize the user experience for individuals of all abilities, creating visually appealing and functionally sound websites that align with or exceed accessibility standards.

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