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Website Accessibility

Make Your Site Accessible to All

Adherence to website accessibility standards improves usability for everyone, enhances user experience, builds brand loyalty and encourages conversions. That’s why, at Northwoods, we design and develop every website with accessibility in mind.

Nearly 61 million adults in the US live with a disability (visual, hearing, learning, mobility, or other), which translates into nearly 26% of all adult Americans – more than half of whom access the internet regularly. If your website isn’t accessible to them, you’re missing out on reaching a significant number of potential customers.

And, if your company receives Federal funding, you’re required by law to ensure your website complies with ADA requirements as outlined by WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). But even if you’re not strictly required to do so, we believe meeting these standards is really just good business.

Websites built with accessibility in mind often turn out to improve usability for everyone, not just people with disabilities.

So, if you want to reach and engage with a broader audience of potential customers – and improve the experience for your current ones – make your website accessible to all. Northwoods can help!

  • Accessibility Audits
  • Accessibility Remediation
  • Accessible Website Design



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