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Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer

Digital Advertising 

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The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) is a member-driven society dedicated to professionals working in the field of cancer immunotherapy. Its mission is to improve cancer patient outcomes by advancing the science, development, and application of cancer immunology and immunotherapy.

Every year, SITC hosts dozens of events and educational opportunities aimed at professionals looking to expand their knowledge of advancements in cancer treatment. These events take place across the country, and strong attendance is critical to SITC fulfilling its mission. However, the organization was struggling to fill seats, so they turned to Northwoods to help boost registration and meet their membership goals.

To reach SITC’s key audience and maximize ROI, our digital experts leveraged data-driven insights and geofencing to develop engaging, effective Google Search (PPC) and display ad campaigns. We also created highly targeted social media campaigns, refining audiences and platforms based on the highest success rates over time. Remarketing ensures that SITC stays top of mind for its key users, while our overall advertising strategy aligns every campaign with SITC’s organizational goals.   

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