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Want More from Your WordPress Website?
Rely on Northwoods to Help You Achieve Your Goals!

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Does your WordPress website have:

  • out-of-date plugins?
  • too many plugins?
  • broken functionality?
  • unnecessary features?
  • security vulnerabilities?

Is it hard for you to make simple updates? Or is your current WordPress vendor simply missing in action?

If you answered yes, you have a WordPress mess.

Let Northwoods turn your mess into a success!

Video - Do You Have a WordPress Mess?

We'll Get You Back on the Path to Digital Success

Managing your website isn't the only thing you have on your plate. We understand! We rely on our 20+ years of website development experience to efficiently and effectively assess, rescue or redesign WordPress websites so you can achieve your goals and get back to focusing on other priorities.

Step 1: Technical Assessment

First, our WordPress experts will dig into the back end of your site to assess current state, including your plugins, theme, potential security vulnerabilities and hosting. We’ll also get to know your organization’s goals and current challenges so we can make the best recommendation for how to move forward.

Step 2:
Review Solutions

Once we’ve completed a technical assessment and have a solid understanding of your goals and current challenges, we’ll recommend a solution. Sometimes rescuing your current site is the best choice; other times, starting over is a more economical and strategically sound decision. Either way, we’ll share estimated costs and clearly explain next steps, with a focus on keeping things simple and ensuring your long-term success.

Step 3:
Enjoy a Worry-Free WordPress Experience

Whether we rescue or rebuild your site, you can rely on our expert WordPress team to guide you through the entire process. From digital strategy and design, to development and launch, to training and ongoing support, and everything in between, we’re here to ensure you never have to deal with another WordPress mess!

Step 4: Achieve Peace of (Digital) Mind

Our efforts don’t end at site launch or rescue. Not only does our team build easy-to-use websites, but we teach our clients how to use them. We’ll train you on how to use and manage your site, providing step-by-step directions. We’ll also include a manual with the same directions for easy reference. And, we can provide monthly updates to ensure your site is as secure as possible, create digital marketing and advertising campaigns to drive traffic, and more.

Who We've Worked With

Here are just a few clients who've benefited from our WordPress expertise.

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About Northwoods

At Northwoods, you'll find a true digital partner – a digital best friend – who's focused on your ultimate success and happiness. Through honest guidance, outstanding service, and exceptional expertise, our team is dedicated to ensuring your team consistently meets and exceeds your business goals.

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