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Amanda Koehler

Digital Marketing Practice Director

For more than a decade, Amanda has helped Northwoods clients achieve their digital marketing goals through impactful, data-driven digital marketing strategies. Her approach is centered on careful listening, meticulous research, and a deep understanding of data analytics, and she holds certificates in both Google Analytics and Google Ads. An experienced lecturer and webinar presenter, Amanda is one of our top digital trail guides and has helped countless students, clients, and marketers better understand the complex world of SEO and analytics. Away from Northwoods, she enjoys spending time cooking, traveling, and painting.

Digital Marketing Trends, News, and Updates

October 2019

October 14, 2019 | Amanda Koehler, Digital Marketing Practice Director

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We know it can be hard to keep up with ever-changing digital marketing news and trends. But no need to stress – we’ve got you covered! Check out our roundup of the latest news and trends in the world of digital marketing for October 2019.

SEO, Organic Search and Google News

Google Algorithm Update

What Is It: Google announced a Core Update on September 24. As is the case for all Google Algorithm updates, the details were not made public. Google typically only announces larger updates, so we expect this one to have some impact on websites.

Google Search Liaison Twitter post example

What It Means for Marketers: First indications of this algorithm update are that it wasn’t as big as previous updates this year; however, it was noticed by some websites, particularly around the end of September.

How You Should Respond: Now is the time to keep a close eye on your SEO and rankings. Google algorithm updates roll out over the course of a few days, and impacts are typically seen within the first few weeks.

Google Tests URL Removal From SERPs

What Is It: Google is testing the complete removal of URLs from search results, instead focusing on displaying only the title, description and breadcrumbs. Google has been moving away from URLs since the introduction of breadcrumbs a few months ago, but the complete removal of URLs from the listings is a new test for the search engine.

Google testing SERPs example

What It Means for Marketers: Updates to the search results can impact the click-through rate of your website. Google will be testing this and closely monitoring click-through rates for websites. If they are negatively impacted by this format of search results, Google is unlikely to make this change permanent. That being said, we may be looking at the end of URLs in the search results. 

How You Should Respond: Keep an eye on your click-through rates in Google Search Console and if possible take a look at what your listings will look like without the URLs. Not all users will see this format of search results right away – so if you are one of the lucky testers, jump on it and do some searching of your own brand, products and services.
One other factor in this update from Google is how much weight they are placing on URLs for ranking. If Google is considering removing URLs from the search results entirely, then maybe the actual structure of the URL will not hold as much weight for ranking as it has in the past. There is no indication from Google that this will be the case, but then again when does Google tell us anything? 

Social Media News

Facebook Adds New Business Tools in Messenger

What Is It: Facebook announced new tools for businesses within Messenger. The new tools include:

  1. Lead Generation Tools. This new template in Facebook Ads Manager will give businesses the opportunity to create automated experiences to help qualify leads within Messenger. Your business can message with prospects directly in Messenger and then integrate those conversations with your existing CRM tools. 
  2. Appointment Booking in Messenger. Businesses can integrate with existing calendar booking software to provide customers with real-time appointment bookings through Messenger.
  3. Improved Event Reporting. Later this year, Facebook will provide better reporting features in Messenger for businesses to track conversations.

What It Means for Marketers: Businesses will now be able to generate leads and nurture prospects right in the platform where they are advertising. This provides an additional avenue to capture leads immediately when they find your products or services. Additionally, more reporting means more data to help inform your marketing decisions. 

How You Should Respond:  Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram to see if it rolls out to your account. Start thinking about how you can utilize the features in Messenger to coordinate with your advertising strategy and CRM tools. 

Facebook Live and Video Publishing

What Is It: Facebook announced additional features of Facebook Live and video publishing early this fall. The updates include rehearsals and extended duration of videos. Publishers will now be able to broadcast a Live video only to Page admins and editors as a way to test production setups and features. The maximum duration for Live videos has also been extended to eight hours, from the previous limit of four hours.

What It Means for Marketers: The ability to have rehearsals for Live videos means more control for your Facebook Live videos. You will be able to get approval from your team on the setup, rehearse on the platform itself and make sure your video production is in line with your brand. Marketers who were concerned about Live video before will be put at ease knowing these controls are now available.

How You Should Respond: Start thinking about a Facebook Live strategy. Video is the most effective way to generate buzz around your business, products and services. When could you utilize Facebook Live to connect with your followers?

Threads From Instagram

What Is It: Facebook launched Threads from Instagram, a new camera-first messaging app that helps people stay connected to their close friends. Taking stories to a new level, the video and photos you share in Threads provides you a new way to message just with close friends in a dedicated, private space.

What It Means for Marketers: Although private messaging has typically been utilized for personal messaging, private messaging can also be a powerful tool for marketers to generate and nurture leads. Private messaging services on Facebook and Instagram are a great way to connect directly with your customers. Threads will take that a step further, giving you the ability to do this with video and images. 

How You Should Respond: If you are nurturing leads through Messenger, consider utilizing Threads with your customers to engage with them in a more visual format. Connect with your customers directly through private and personalized videos. This could be a great tool for customer service representatives to help provide customers with the highest level of service.