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Barrett Wainscott

Barrett Wainscott

Digital Advertising Lead

Barrett has been actively managing paid media campaigns since 2011, and is certified in Google Ads, Bing Ads & Google Analytics. His passion lies in paid media, digital marketing and conversion optimization. Through data, testing and precise targeting - Barrett helps clients achieve their paid media objectives and take their digital marketing to the next level.

Ecommerce Growth Through Digital Advertising

May 05, 2020 | Barrett Wainscott, Digital Advertising Lead

4 Minute Read

Digital advertising fuels growth for any ecommerce play. This case study indicates how your ecommerce business could thrive through digital advertising.

Has your ecommerce business ventured into digital advertising yet? Whether you seek to initiate or enhance digital advertising, Northwoods can help.


Sept 21st – Mar 26th 2020 (year-over-year snapshot)

Year-over-year comparison of overall spend

Gross revenue increase graph

During the first six months working with this ecommerce client, we helped them increase gross revenue 42% year-over-year with a 638% return on ad spend—that is, every $1 spent on ads is yielding $6.38 in revenue. Ecommerce revenue continues to hold strong through COVID-19. This client is in a great position for growth.

What Did We Implement?

1. Google Expanded Text Ads

We implemented a detailed Google Search campaign to capitalize on the search volume for the products our client sells online. We delivered highly specific ads for each set of terms/products.

Google Text Ads (see below) allow you to position your brand atop search engine results pages on a per click basis, targeting only the keywords that are vital to your business.

With close monitoring and consistent data-based adjustments, we’ve been able to drive a highly profitable campaign to help grow our client’s business.

Google Text Ads screen grab example

2. Google Shopping Ads

To advance brand presence on Google, we incorporated Google Shopping Ads (see below), a format designed for ecommerce businesses. It features your product image, title, price and reviews at the top of the search results.

For an ecommerce brand, Google Shopping Ads typically outperform Google Text Ads in profitability. That said, Text Ads can still be profitable. If you have the budget to incorporate both ad formats, the combination might help you to scale up even further.

Breaking out your campaigns by product category--best sellers and other distinctions appropriate to your product lines--allows you to control the volume of traffic among your lines. This control lets you capitalize when relative profitability shifts with, say, seasonality, competition or inventory availability.

Google Shopping Ads example

3. More Channels to Come

We expect to expand soon into social advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for this client. Users of these three channels neatly fit the client’s target audience.

In such ventures, we prefer to first apply a modest budget to Google Search. It’s low-hanging fruit; in the act of searching, Google users have already expressed intent to purchase. You want your brand in front of them as they actively look to buy.

Do You Have Any Active Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn Ad Accounts?

To help you pull the best possible performance out of your Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn ad account(s), we are offering a free digital advertising account audit - a $750 value - for a limited time only. The only requirement is an active advertising account with any of these three platforms. To claim your free audit, please visit our Digital Advertising services page and request a consultation.