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Edward Kozlowski

Edward Kozlowski

Digital Ads Lead

Ed has more than 10 years’ experience in SEO, PPC, and email marketing for both B2B and B2C organizations. Certified in Google Ads and Google Tag Manager, he uses analytics and research to develop exceptional digital strategies that drive success. Ed enjoys helping each client determine where they sit in the digital landscape and digging in to help them find ways to improve. He’s also an avid rock climber and has a chocolate lab mix named Benson, who he claims is the perfect WFH coworker.

Google Search Algorithm Update - May 2022

June 15, 2022 | Edward Kozlowski, Digital Ads Lead

3 Minute Read

On May 25, 2022, Google announced the release of a core update. As of this mid-June writing, the update continues to roll out. Like all Google search algorithm updates, this one affects SERP rankings – negatively, for some websites.   

Keep in mind that Google always seeks to improve its search engine performance for users. If your ranking drops, it might drop for good reason. Perhaps you need to improve your site or SEO tactics.

On the other hand, things can go wrong with any big update. Some sites are sure to post early, unmerited gains or losses; over time, Google will likely correct these errors. That’s why rollouts generally take two weeks to flush out. Still, if your rankings disappoint, figure out why and determine what, if any, adjustments to make.

To help you with that, here’s a quick rundown on the impact of the update.

Google’s Algorithm Update: What We Know Now

So far, Google has released little information about the update, but the name – Google May 2022 Broad Core Update – tells us to expect a broad impact on SERPs. Anecdotal evidence backs that up.

This update appears to be targeting all types of content and no specific location. It’s not a Google penalty, which means Google is attempting to prioritize better quality sites. Google has revealed that the update focuses mainly on how its systems assess content. The inference: If you lost rankings, it’s not because you violated guidelines.

How Can I Regain My Rankings?

If the update lowered your rankings, review your site and competing sites to figure out what needs fixing. Again, Google’s ultimate goal is to connect users with great website content that’s of value to them. The idea behind this update serves that goal.

See where you lost rank and figure out if user intent has changed. What is continuing to rank well for you? Let that success guide you as you try to better align your content to user needs. Usually, you can find relevant topics you’ve overlooked.

If that fails to help, you might need to create new content pages to target a specific keyword or keywords. This isn’t always easy for e-commerce sites when your category pages lose rankings – you may need to consider content-specific pages to drive traffic to them.

Have you engaged in black-hat SEO techniques? Now is the time to get rid of them.

Check out my related article for more detail on why your site lost traffic.

A Few Quick Content Tips

  • Regularly edit your content.
  • Create content that matches search intent.
  • Monitor and update keywords.
  • Make sure your headline and page title describe and summarize your content.
  • Include content written by an expert or enthusiast.
  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Three Questions that Help Ensure Relevancy

  • Does my website offer something of value that searchers cannot get elsewhere?
  • Does the content on my website provide a positive user experience?
  • Does my content compel users to act?

Final Thoughts

If this latest Google algorithm update has knocked down your traffic, don’t panic. Review your site and make the proper adjustments. This is our job as marketers and SEOs; we work in an ever-changing environment and it’s critical to adapt.

If you need help analyzing why your organic site traffic has dropped and/or need assistance in developing strategies to regain your rankings, the SEO experts at Northwoods can help! Reach out to us anytime.