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Amanda Hoadley

Amanda Hoadley

Digital Marketing Strategist

As a Digital Marketing Strategist with focused expertise in SEO, Amanda researches and analyzes search trends and best practices, and uses technical, on-page and off-page SEO strategies to help clients optimize their search performance. In addition to SEO, Amanda also focuses on content development and analytics, and is a huge fan of Google Data Studio for reporting. She focuses on understanding each client's needs and providing the best SEO advice to help them meet their goals and objectives. 

Python Coding for Marketers

August 24, 2020 | Amanda Hoadley, Digital Marketing Strategist

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Coding is not just for developers! These days, programming is an important factor in designing and executing digital marketing strategies. Critical digital marketing activities — such as web ads, videos, promotions and social media — wouldn’t be possible without software programs.

Which is why it’s essential for marketers to understand programming basics. In addition to knowing some HTML, marketing teams can benefit by becoming familiar with and leveraging the power of Python to help improve efficiency.

What is Python? 

Python is a versatile and powerful programming language with many capabilities, which has led to it becoming a leading programming language to help improve marketing automation.

Python improves marketing campaigns by addressing mistakes that are inadvertently made by marketers, including inefficient keyword management, results tracking errors, inaccurate ROI calculations and even content marketing optimization.

What Are the Benefits of Learning Python for Marketing?

Using Python as a marketer has many advantages that help with repetitive data gathering and management tasks. Understanding how to use Python can help turn those repetitive tasks into automated ones. Some examples of tasks that Python can be used for include:

  • Filling out data forms
  • File cleaning
  • Renaming multiple files
  • Managing multiple files
  • Gathering data
  • ROI calculations
  • Customer segmentation

These tasks can easily be automated using Python, creating more time for marketers to focus on other critical initiatives.

Python Helps with Marketing Campaign Management 

In the marketing world, campaigns consist of a variety of channels and tactics, including SEO optimization, Google Ads, email, video, social media and more. Using Python, marketers can develop custom marketing campaigns to integrate and manage each of these components.

When campaigns launch, marketers monitor, review, and analyze results in order to make necessary adjustments to improve performance. Therefore, marketers who know Python can develop programs that will monitor, review, and analyze various campaign elements to help them make the right changes.

Python Helps with Data Collection

Marketers gather data from multiple sources. Analyzing and processing data from each source can become quite repetitive, but creating custom tools to generate data from each makes data collection a breeze. Enter Python!

Examples of data a marketer can collect using Python include:

  • Changes in URL ranking
  • Collection of email responses
  • Changes in competitor products and services
  • Gathering survey data

Digital marketing data are useless if it’s not meaningful or accurate. But using Python can help marketers gather data and analyze it efficiently and accurately.

Python is Easy to Learn 

Python is understandable and simple. It’s easy to learn because of its clear syntax and legibility. It’s also great for those with little to no coding experience. Although, knowing the Python language as a marketer is different from knowing it as a software engineer, so it’s important to look for the right resources to meet your needs. The Northwoods team recommends these resources for marketers interested in learning Python:

Software that the Northwoods team recommends for coding Python are:

Python for Marketers in a Nutshell

Python is fantastic for marketing because it helps with reporting, data visualization, content optimization, customer segmentation and customer analysis. Once you know how to code in the Python language you can begin using it immediately to reduce repetitive tasks and errors, generate reports, better understand customer segments, and even create customer surveys.

Overall, the Python coding language is simple to read and write and understanding it will give any marketer a competitive advantage.