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Archdiocese of Milwaukee

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The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is a non-profit organization that supports more than 300 Catholic parishes and schools throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

In order to meet the needs of various constituencies, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee wanted to refresh their website and expand capabilities. Not only did they serve two distinct audiences - Catholics and non-Catholics - they also had a variety of forms and manuals that had to be quickly and easily accessible to parish members. After interviewing Archdiocesan departments, Northwoods and the Archdiocese were able to reorganize the site to improve both on-site navigation and organic search results. 

Using tools from Google, Northwoods also analyzed content and search engine performance, comparing the Archdiocese of Milwaukee site to other archdiocesan sites in Omaha, St. Louis, St. Paul-Minneapolis, and Los Angeles. Developing a common-term keyword strategy, Northwoods was able to recommend user-friendly keywords that were more accessible to those not familiar with Archdiocese terminology. This informed content and search strategy, leading to a vastly improved user experience.

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