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Enercon Industries Corporation

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Enercon Industries Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of induction cap sealers and surface treating solutions, trusted by the largest manufacturers and biggest brands in the world for innovative technology, reliable equipment, and world class customer support.

Northwoods Develops Multi-Site WordPress Environment to Manage Manufacturer’s Complex Digital Needs

When Enercon came to Northwoods, its marketing team had to rely on writing code to make simple day-to-day changes to its website. Because the company’s sites were difficult to maintain, adding content was unnecessarily complex and the user experience suffered. So, they hired our team of digital experts to develop a streamlined and simple-to-manage WordPress solution that improved internal efficiency while meeting the needs of Enercon’s global website users. 

The Situation

  • Enercon’s previous collection of websites was difficult to maintain, and its pages required hand coding, a time-consuming process limited to those with an HTML skillset.
  • The company’s complex digital presence includes distinct product lines with unique audiences, translations into multiple languages, hundreds of product resources, and extensive use of forms that connect to a third-party CRM. 
  • The marketing team had created compelling content demonstrating Enercon’s value proposition, but the website wasn’t effectively delivering that information or converting users. 

The Solution

  • The Northwoods team developed a multi-site environment in WordPress totaling 11 different websites all under a single login; the environment included a main corporate site, three product sites, and seven language translations. 
  • Our UX and website strategy experts improved the overall navigation and domain structure, and created, tested, and imported more than 1,000 redirects to ensure a seamless transition with limited negative SEO impact.
  • Northwoods’ back end developers added tagging capabilities to each of the product libraries, allowing users to easily filter hundreds of resources by application, technology type, and subcategory. 
  • Our developers integrated forms with a third-party CRM to ensure that form submissions are properly directed and that all new leads are captured.

The Outcome

  • Following the launch of the new websites, overall traffic increased from the previous year, and Enercon experienced an uptick in form completions.
  • Each distinct audience is now directed to the appropriate product line, and users can easily find the products and resources they need.
  • Northwoods’ meticulous handling of redirects helped ensure that SEO performance remained relatively stable during the large-scale transition to the new sites and URL structure. 
  • A WordPress page builder framework with standardized tools allows a larger team at Enercon to efficiently manage its online presence, offering improved flexibility and time for more focused marketing efforts.

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