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LICK Energy Drink

UX Design | Website Development

Main Content

LICK is a coconut-based energy drink that detours away from the traditional jittery, sugar-packed, synthetic drinks that leave you feeling drained hours after drinking them. The natural energy in LICK energizes, replenishes, and renews, and is derived from natural plants and electrolytes.

The Situation

LICK came to Northwoods as a new company in need of an online presence. So, the LICK team turned to us as their digital BFFs to develop a bold new website that brings a boost of excitement to an already energetic brand.

The Solution

We created a vibrant new website built on Titan CMS, an enterprise content management system powered by Northwoods. The design fits the LICK brand beautifully and conveys the playfulness and energy behind it. LICK had an existing frog logo that inspired a custom video seen at the top of the homepage. To expand on that theme, our team created a lily pad shape that is repeated throughout the site, as well as a bullet point style that references the frog’s eyes.

The yellow background pattern mirrors elements used in artwork found on the energy drink’s packaging. Our design team also selected and edited a powerful collection of photos, breaking them out of the typical rectangular frames to add playfulness and visual interest.

The overall design is cohesive, bold, and highly memorable.

Mobile Design

With an expected high volume of mobile traffic to the website, mobile responsiveness was a primary consideration throughout the design process. The large images are smaller on mobile so they don’t overshadow content and add unnecessary clutter. All clickable elements have large touch targets to make it easy for mobile users to interact with the content. 

The Outcome

LICK energy drink now has a stunning website that was built with the flexibility needed for future growth. 

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