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 “Taking more than seventy sites and expertly consolidating them into one not only improved the user experience for our website visitors, but having a single site is now much easier for our internal team to maintain. Northwoods' extensive research taught us a lot about our visitors and their goals for visiting us online. Their approach to digital strategy and their ability to effectively execute it on our platform of choice has been a game changer for us.”

- Kristin Mueller, Sr. Director of Communications, North Shore Healthcare

North Shore Healthcare

Digital Strategy | Website Design & Development

North Shore Healthcare and its centers proudly serve communities in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and North Dakota. With 71 centers that offer long-term skilled nursing care, short-term rehabilitation, and assisted living services, North Shore Healthcare is the largest provider of post-acute care in the Upper Midwest.

New Digital Strategy and CMS Platform Reduce Costs, Improve User Experience

North Shore Healthcare’s marketing team struggled to manage and maintain more than 70 domains on an expensive website platform, negatively impacting the organization’s digital presence. Multiple websites for locations made it difficult for potential clients and job seekers to navigate, reducing conversions and job applications. The team knew they needed to make significant improvements, so they turned to the digital experts at Northwoods to craft a new digital strategy and build an easy-to-use website.

The Situation

  • North Shore Healthcare needed expert advice on how to improve the user experience across its large online presence.
  • The marketing team wanted an easier way to manage and maintain content for more than 70 locations.
  • Costs associated with maintaining each website had skyrocketed, making site expenses unsustainable.
  • Web accessibility — which allows all users, including those with disabilities to easily access and navigate websites - was important to the North Shore Healthcare team and critical to the site’s success.

The Solution

  • Northwoods conducted a digital strategy audit of North Shore Healthcare’s website and provided recommendations to improve the user experience.
  • Northwoods developed an entirely new website design and migrated all of North Shore Healthcare’s content to the WordPress platform for easier maintenance.
  • Northwoods built the new website — consolidating from 71 different domains into one — with accessibility in mind, allowing users with disabilities to easily navigate the website.
  • Northwoods provides monthly maintenance to update North Shore Healthcare’s WordPress core, theme, PHP, and plugins.

The Outcome

  • Downsizing from 71 different domains into one domain saved North Shore Healthcare a significant amount of money. Money saved will now be redirected to other marketing efforts.
  • Northwoods continues to provide monthly updates to North Shore Healthcare’s WordPress core and plugins to maintain the website and to protect it from security vulnerabilities.

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