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Since its founding in 1965, Pactiv has focused on producing and distributing the highest quality foodservice packaging products, supplying every major foodservice retailer and distributer in North America.

Northwoods Team Creates And Delivers Exceptional Online User Experience

When the Pactiv team decided it was time to retire their previously underperforming website and complicated CMS platform, they selected Northwoods as their new digital partner. After moving to Northwoods’ Titan CMS and launching a redesigned website with improved on-site search and a much-improved user experience, internal efficiencies improved.

The Situation

  • With Pactiv’s previous website platform, their public-facing site search functionality did not routinely return products in product-specific searches.
  • Pactiv’s internal team was also dependent upon an external source to make routine edits and updates to their website, creating frustration.
  • This combination of incorrect search results and reduced internal efficiency led the Pactiv team to search for a new website platform and a new digital partner. They found both at Northwoods.

The Solution

  • The Northwoods team kicked off Pactiv’s website replatforming and redesign project by first developing a new digital strategy. From there, the team designed and built Pactiv’s new website on Titan CMS, an industry-leading, user-friendly enterprise content management system.
  • Titan CMS allows for easy SAP and Salsify integration and highly effective and configurable site search, which consistently returns products in search results so users can find and order quickly.
  • In addition to creating Pactiv’s digital strategy and new website on Titan CMS, Northwoods built a custom web application that allowed what was a tedious manual fulfillment process to become automated.
  • The Northwoods team also created an online PDF Builder that takes the items in a visitor’s cart and generates a custom designed online catalog on the fly, virtually eliminating the need for printed catalogs.
  • After the new website launched, Northwoods also helped the Pactiv team build a website for its ecofriendly foodservice products brand, EarthChoice® ( The site features a unique searchable interface for visitors to find lists of restricted materials in communities across the U.S. Titan CMS’s data node capability allows the Pactiv team to easily manage and update information as communities add more restrictions and new communities participate.

The Outcome

  • In addition to enhancing the user experience for its website visitors, Pactiv’s website re-platforming project, data-driven digital strategy, custom web applications and online PDF Builder have resulted in both cost savings and internal efficiency and productivity improvements.
  • Pactiv’s team has been so happy with the quality of work and results achieved so far that they are now partnering with Northwoods on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, as well.