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 “The work of Port Milwaukee – and of the Port’s ability to reach domestic and international customers and audiences – is strengthened because of the expertise, passion, and hard work of the many people who directly and indirectly support is economic mission. The success of the Port’s web modernization project is a fully realized example of that vital partnership.”

– Adam Schlicht, Director of Port Milwaukee

Port Milwaukee

Website Design & Development

Port Milwaukee enhances the overall economic and social environment of the city and region by stimulating trade, business, and employment. 

Website ‘Modernization Project’ Key to B2B Client’s Prestigious Communications Award Win

When Port Milwaukee’s new director came on board in 2018, he immediately recognized the need for the Port to have its own dedicated website. With just a small presence on the City of Milwaukee’s website, the Port team wanted a new stand-alone site to more effectively increase awareness and meet a variety of key organizational objectives. Because the City of Milwaukee is a current Northwoods partner, the Port Milwaukee team relied on Northwoods’ web design and development experts to create its new site. 

The Situation

  • To most effectively reinforce its mission as an economic engine for the City of Milwaukee, the State of Wisconsin and the surrounding region, the Port Milwaukee team needed a new site with a modern design, user-friendly navigation and stunning photography.
  • The new, stand-alone site also needed to help elevate awareness and visibility of the Port among its key audiences.
  • And lastly, but not least important, the Port Milwaukee team would rely on the new website to drive the launch of its newly developed brand identity.

The Solution

  • Northwoods created a modern design, information architecture and intuitive user experience that allowed Port Milwaukee’s team to meet – and exceed - its objectives.
  • An interactive map of the Port property was developed to highlight the locations, industries and contact information of its many tenants, and to visually showcase the Port’s multimodal operations.
  • The new site was launched on the City of Milwaukee’s existing Northwoods’ Titan CMS instance, allowing the Port to reduce its web hosting and maintenance costs while creating a separate web presence from the City.

The Outcome

  • Port Milwaukee’s new website launched in April 2019 and has since outperformed expectations, realizing a 23% increase in overall users, a 22% increase in new site visitors, and a 41% improvement in average session duration, month-over-month. *Data: June 1-June 30, 2019 vs. May 1-May 31, 2019
  • In June 2019, Port Milwaukee was recognized by the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) with an Overall Award of Communication Excellence. One of just three ports across the country to be honored, Port Milwaukee’s new website was noted as a key reason it was selected for this prestigious recognition.

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