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Brand & Marketing Strategy 

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Since 1960, Powerbrace has been designing and delivering the highest quality door securement products available for truck trailers, specialty trailers, truck bodies, and intermodal transport. Their team of experts offers the personal guidance and dedicated support required to determine the best solutions for each customer’s unique needs. 

Northwoods Brand Strategy Helps Manufacturer Stand Apart from Competition 

Powerbrace first came to Northwoods looking for a redesign of their outdated website. However, it quickly became clear that without an effective brand strategy to guide the process, any changes to their site would be at best, guesswork. Powerbrace needed branding that would authentically represent the business and position it for long-term success. So, the team turned to their digital BFFs at Northwoods for a data-driven brand strategy that would add purpose to every aspect of their marketing presence, from traditional to digital.

The Situation

  • Powerbrace had tried various branding approaches over the years, but nothing really stuck, and they lacked a clear identity when it came to visual branding and overall messaging. 
  • Previous branding relied on outdated colors, typography, content, and images, which were used inconsistently across the company’s various marketing assets. 
  • Powerbrace was looking to raise awareness of its full catalog of products beyond better-known lockrods and hinges, and wanted to increase brand visibility overall.
  • Without a clearly defined brand position, the Powerbrace team was unable to see where they sat in the competitive landscape and couldn’t easily identify new opportunities for growth.

The Solution

  • Northwoods interviewed key stakeholders and conducted competitive research and analysis to hone in on a brand position that was authentic to Powerbrace and unique among its competitors.
  • Our brand strategy experts used a data-driven approach to develop and refine a brand promise, essence, personality, tagline, and voice, with a focus on the high level of customer service and experience that sets Powerbrace apart.
  • The updated brand strategy served as a guide for future content development and design work, which included a logo, mood board, color palette, website, and marketing materials designed by Northwoods. 

The Outcome

  • Updated branding keeps the Powerbrace identity fresh, modern, and relevant, improving credibility and awareness among customers and prospects, and strengthening employee engagement.
  • The positive results of the branding updates can be seen across the entire Powerbrace ecosystem, with elements woven into nearly every aspect of its marketing efforts. 
  • Having a data-backed, purpose-driven brand strategy ensures that Powerbrace is maintaining a competitive edge and effectively positioning itself for the greatest growth potential.
  • By relying on Northwoods for expert research, analysis, and advice, the Powerbrace team can confidently follow an effective branding roadmap that will continue to drive profitability and loyalty.

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