Website Design

Vobev is the first and only company in North America to bring can-making and filling together in one state-of-the-art facility. With personalized, scalable services, Vobev provides an innovative way to do business in the beverage industry. 

The Situation

Vobev’s previous website was a single page that didn’t properly showcase all the services the manufacturer has to offer. The Vobev team needed a partner that could guide them in creating a better online experience for their users. So, they turned to us as their digital BFFs to build a vibrant, new website on Titan CMS, an enterprise content management system powered by Northwoods. 

The Solution

Northwoods designers and UX experts created a fun, yet professional website that uses organic shapes and curves to mimic the flow of liquid beverages. Bright images were chosen to complement the brand color palette, creating a high-design look and feel. A dotted circular pattern frames some of the images as a reference to the carbonation of many popular fizzy drinks. 

The Northwoods team also developed content and created new assets, providing a cohesive experience that elevates the website and brand.


Homepage Design

The homepage design intentionally uses white space to draw attention to the content and vibrant imagery. It also makes content easier to scan and sets the tone for the rest of the site. 

Mobile Design

Bright graphics and unique shapes are key elements of the Vobev brand. To maintain brand consistency and accuracy across all devices, Northwoods designers developed the site so that content and images are minimized and stacked on smaller screens. 

The Design

The Vobev website uses unexpected design elements that delight and engage the user. Main level navigation slides down in a rounded shape to match the waves and curves used throughout, and the sub-navigation opens another circle with fun hover effects. It’s easy to use, and it also provides a surprising experience that makes the Vobev brand more memorable. 

This project started with final content in hand, which allowed for a design that was customized to the content. For example, the “Our Process” page offers two different paths a partner might take when working with Vobev. Northwoods was able to easily create an interactive workflow that engages the user and tailors the experience to their needs. 

A unique layout for the leadership page showcases the personality of the brand as well as the individuals featured. It gives users a quick overview of the Vobev team, highlighting both their impressive experience and friendly company culture.

The Outcome

Vobev now has a strong digital presence that highlights all the services the manufacturer has to offer. An improved user experience allows visitors to navigate content more easily, and the elevated design is consistent with the company’s identity as an industry disrupter.

Beverage Standard of Excellence Award
Beverage Standard of Excellence Award