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Waukesha County Business Alliance & Waukesha County Center for Growth

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The Waukesha County Business Alliance is a private, member-driven organization that has served as the countywide chamber of commerce since 1918. In 2016, in partnership with the Alliance and other groups, Waukesha County created the Waukesha County Center for Growth, a non-profit that connects businesses with the resources they need to help them reach their fullest potential. 

Working together, the Alliance and Center for Growth strive to ensure a growing, vibrant business community for all of Waukesha County. 

Northwoods’ Data-Driven Strategy and WordPress Expertise Streamline Websites’ User Experience

Both the Alliance and Center for Growth wanted to improve their websites’ user experience, but minor content changes were difficult to make because of an outdated theme and content editor. Day-to-day site maintenance had become increasingly challenging, leading to inefficiency and security concerns. These issues led the Alliance and Center for Growth’s marketing team to turn to the experts at Northwoods to help them transform their WordPress mess into two new polished and user-friendly websites. 

The Situation

  • Both websites needed a more streamlined user experience and significant back-end improvements. 
  • Simple edits were unnecessarily complicated, and major content updates were generally avoided because of the time required to complete them. 
  • Alliance members wanted a website that could help them easily find information on upcoming events and membership benefits.
  • As Waukesha County’s economic development organization, the Center for Growth needed to revamp the purpose of its site to truly be an economic development tool for the County.

The Solution

  • Northwoods used a data-driven, strategic approach and peer analysis of other organizations, both local and national, to evaluate the Alliance and Center for Growth’s digital footprint.
  • The resulting website strategy provided a roadmap focused on improving both sites’ navigation and SEO. 
    o    Membership benefits and events became a focus for the Alliance.
    o    Economic impact services and the value of establishing a business in Waukesha County evolved as the focus for the Center for Growth.
  • The team at Northwoods built and designed two new websites on WordPress with a simplified page builder back end to help the organizations easily maintain their content moving forward. 
  • Northwoods provides monthly support to keep the sites secure and current with technology updates. 

The Outcome

  • Both organizations now have professional-looking, beautifully designed websites that are easy to manage and provide a more seamless user experience.
  • The marketing teams can quickly update existing content, freeing up time so they can focus on larger projects and create new content that’s of greater value to their users. 
  • Through Worry-Free WordPress support, Northwoods provides monthly, ongoing updates to the organizations’ WordPress core and plugins, keeping the sites well maintained and protecting them from security vulnerabilities.

Visit the Alliance Website

Visit the Center for Growth Website