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Original Broadcast Date: Thursday, July 11, 2024

Cracking the Code of GA4 E-Commerce Tracking

Presented By: Fred Pike, Managing Director & GA/GTM Practice Lead

Getting e-commerce tracking right in GA4 is just plain hard. Most e-commerce sites don't set it up correctly and struggle to understand why. But fear not! You've got a digital BFF in Fred Pike, our resident GA and GTM expert. 

Join Fred for a fun-filled webinar where he'll break down the GA4 e-commerce model and show you how to set up e-commerce tracking like a pro. He'll also share the most common issues that trip up even the savviest of digital marketers, as well as tips on key actions to track and how to test your set-up for maximum accuracy. 

But that's not all! Fred will also lead you on a tour through several e-commerce sites, giving you an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at their GA4 set-up. Get ready to find out if they've successfully cracked the GA4 e-commerce tracking code! You won't want to miss this entertaining session. Who knows, Fred's dog and fan-favorite Xuxa might even make a guest appearance!

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Key Take Aways

  • An introduction to the GA4 e-commerce model
  • The most important actions to track in GA4 
  • Best practices for e-commerce tracking and the most common issues businesses run into 
  • How to test your GA4 installation 
  • A look at how well several e-commerce sites are performing when it comes to GA4 tracking

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