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Original Broadcast Date: Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Higher Education: Using Effective Digital Strategies to Drive Enrollment

It’s no secret that most higher ed. institutions face the same problem: dwindling enrollment. We hear statements like this a lot from the higher ed. professionals we work with: “If only we could attract more prospective students and provide them with excellent online experiences, our chances of enrolling them would go up.” But how do you create those stand-out online experiences that help you more effectively attract new students and build your recruitment pipeline? We’ve got answers! 

Join our expert higher ed. team to learn about the latest real-world strategies and tactics that will help you effectively reach and recruit prospective students – and the importance of measuring results.     

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Presented By:

Alex Boston: Digital Strategist

Dana Grennier: Account Director Lead

Fred Pike: Managing Director & GA/GTM Practice Lead

Jim Brophy: Group Director, Digital

Key Take Aways

  • Why creating exceptional digital experiences is critical to reaching, building awareness and driving engagement with prospective students
  • The latest digital strategies and tactics that work to drive enrollment in higher ed. - including new channels and tactics you may not have considered
  • Examples from higher ed. organizations that have found success with the various digital strategies and tactics we'll share
  • Why it's critical to measure results and use analytics to make ongoing adjustments and improvements    

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