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Original Broadcast Date: Thursday, June 13, 2024

Is Data Visualization Marketers' New Job Security?

Presented By: Alex Boston, Digital Strategist

Often faced with limited budgets, time, and staff – not to mention C-Suite execs who want to see progress yesterday! – today's marketers are under immense pressure to deliver results. And digital marketers, who are usually drowning in seas of data, have a particularly challenging time wading through it all to surface actionable information and identify the metrics that truly matter.

But help is here! Enter data visualization. Tools like Google Looker Studio, Power BI, and others can help you efficiently analyze and present significant amounts of data in actionable ways and can surface insights about your website and other digital properties that may otherwise be missed. They can also help you quickly pinpoint trends, measure progress against KPIs, identify problems, and show where to double down on areas of success. Join us to get started on the path to identifying and presenting better, more actionable insights – and make your senior execs wonder what they'd ever do without you!    

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Key Take Aways

  • Data visualization tools digital marketers should try 
  • Examples of complex data presented using data visualization tools that identify trends, areas of concern, and success metrics that may otherwise be missed 
  • Tips to decide which metrics to focus on based on your strategic goals
  • Using visualization to deliver actionable insights on your key metrics
  • How to use Google Looker Studio to pull GA and other data sources together into a single dashboard    

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