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Original Broadcast Date: Thursday, February 8, 2024

Your Website S(UX): Improve It with Data-Driven Content Design

Presented By: Jenna Dehn, UX Practice Lead; Katelyn Goerke, UX Research Lead

Ok, so your website probably doesn’t completely suck. But it most certainly could be better! Do you find yourself frequently making changes based on hunches or educated guesses? Or even by request from persistent colleagues without truly understanding the implications? We’ve all been there. 

But the truth is, using data (your unique data) to influence your website content and design is the only way to know with certainty that you’re meeting your users’ needs. So, how do you go about collecting that data and how do you use it to ensure you’re making positive website design changes? 

Our expert UX team will share insights, best practices, and before-and-after examples that show why data-driven content and design is the secret to creating an exceptional, user-friendly website experience. And why today, that’s never been more important to your business’ success.     

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Key Take Aways

  • How data influences website design and content
  • Why changes to your site should always be based on data and how to collect it 
  • The importance of structured and well-designed content in creating a cohesive user flow and a more engaging site 
  • Examples of how data-driven content and design changes improve website UX
  • Why purposeful UX strategy and design lead to business success    

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