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Watch previously aired webinars on digital strategy, digital marketing and advertising, website development, and more!

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Using Personas to Improve Your Digital Marketing

In order to create great digital marketing campaigns, you need a thorough understanding of your users' needs. But, how well do you really know your target audience? Creating marketing personas is a great step toward gaining a deep understanding of your audience and the best ways to market to them. Learn how to develop personas and explore how they can be used to advance your digital marketing goals.

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All About Google's Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals (CWV) is a significant algorithm update that furthers Google's relentless focus on the end user — this time introducing search factors related to web page experience. Learn about the three elements that comprise CWV, the broader PageSpeed Insight metrics, where to find CWV performance data for your site, and the tools you can use to measure, track and improve your results.

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What You Don't Know About Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to evolve. What used to work — even in the past few years — may not work today. Find out why, learn how to create effective email marketing campaigns for today's environment, and learn what's needed to remain successful in the future.

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Won't You Be My Neighbor? Best Practices for Local Search Success

Are you feeling like prominent local search results are “near me” and yet still so far? Showing up in a Google Map pack or placing organically in the search results for a specific area isn’t always as easy as location, location, location! Learn how to leverage Google My Business, online reviews — and even selfies — to ensure people right in your neck of the woods can easily find your business and take advantage of your products and services.

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Signs It's Time for a New Website Strategy

There are many reasons to consider updating your website strategy. You might be receiving fewer form submissions or losing search engine rankings. Or you may have updated your service offerings and your current website doesn’t accurately reflect who you are today. Regardless of whether your site design is still modern and clean, an updated website strategy may be needed to ensure that your site continues to meet your goals. Find out how to decide if it’s time to update your strategy and how that strategy can be used to make the right data-driven improvements to your website.

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How to Succeed in Social Media Marketing

Not sure where to focus your social media efforts? Many companies and organizations develop a social media strategy centered around likes, shares and posts - often with less-than-stellar results. Instead of focusing on tactics, learn how to develop a social media strategy that works in conjunction with your other marketing efforts and leverages both organic and paid advertising to help boost traffic, engagement and leads.

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The Top Digital Marketing Trends Taking Shape in 2021 (and How Marketers Should Respond)

Our digital marketing team tracks all the latest trends, news and insights in the ever-changing digital marketing world so you don't have to! Learn what trends our team is seeing take shape so far this year, what to expect in the second half of 2021 - and, most importantly, find out which trends are worth your limited time and focus and how you should respond.

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User Experience: Relying on Gut Instinct Can Lead to Indigestion

Are your website conversion rates declining, form abandonment rates increasing, or does one of your landing pages have low engagement? You may have a user experience (UX) issue on your hands. But, how do you know if it's a UX issue or something else? And, most importantly, how do you fix it? Our experts share examples of UX challenges that we've uncovered for clients and how we resolved them. We also discuss principles of good UX.

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Ask Your Digital BFFs

View a recording of our May 5, 2021, webinar where attendees submitted questions about digital strategy, digital marketing and advertising, web design, web development, analytics, and software development in advance, then joined us to get answers and insights from our experts - your digital best friends at Northwoods! We discuss SEO, social media, martech, GA4, digital advertising, web accessibility, website design and development, and so much more.

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Designing for Data

Images and product details for e-commerce sites. Team member bios or multiple location pages for health care organizations. Project portfolios for architecture firms. What do they all have in common? They all involve complex data that's challenging to present in a user-friendly way. If your organization needs to present lots of data online, it's critical to plan ahead for how you'll manage, design and integrate it in order to provide website visitors with the best possible user interface.

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Grow Your Business with Digital Advertising

Digital advertising spend grew in 2020 and is forecast to climb again this year - which means it's more important than ever for companies to have a smart digital advertising strategy in place. Learn about the latest changes and trends in the world of digital ads, as well as proven, actionable strategies that will help your organization succeed.

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6 Things Every Business Should Know About WordPress

Many organizations choose WordPress because of its perceived ease of use, readily available plugins and ability to launch sites quickly. Those assets can quickly turn into liabilities, however, without thoughtful up-front planning and ongoing technical management. Whether you have a WordPress site already or are considering developing one, we'll share the six things you need to know to understand what it truly takes to develop, maintain and update a successful WordPress website.

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Planning Your Website Redesign

During this webinar, we'll show you how to create a step-by-step redesign plan while sharing insights on how to balance time, budget and resources as part of your website redesign project. We'll also walk you through how to set up Google Analytics properly to accurately measure results.

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What You Don't Know About Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to evolve. What used to work - even in the past few years - may not work today. Find out why, learn how to create effective email marketing campaigns for today's environment, and learn what's needed to remain successful in the future.

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Python Coding for Marketers

Python is a newer programming language that many marketers have found beneficial in helping to improve efficiency and measurement. Learn more about the power of Python and see some practical examples of marketing tools that we've built with it that might just inspire you to do the same!

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Cookies Are Crumbling: Create a New Recipe for Success

Many browsers are moving away from using third-party cookies that allow marketers to identify the behaviors and people behind website clicks. And new online privacy laws give website visitors the power to choose how they're tracked. Without cookies to track and measure results, and consumers opting out of cookie tracking, what's a marketer to do? Learn about alternatives to cookies and get ideas for creating a new recipe to effectively track and measure your site activity going forward.

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New Solutions to (Finally) Tie Your MarTech Stack Together

There’s a growing field of services, tools, and approaches to help tie your marketing technology stack together. Join us as we explore some of these tools and share real examples of how we’ve helped marketing and IT organizations overcome their martech challenges - and how similar solutions can help you do the same.

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Re-Use, Reject or Replace: UA Events in a GA4 World

Before GA4, events were the heart and soul of a great implementation of Universal Analytics (UA - i.e. the "old" GA). With GA4, everything is an event, and you've probably noticed they're totally different. So what to do with your UA events in a GA4 world? Join Fred Pike, Northwoods resident GA and GTM guru and practice lead, to learn how to decide what UA events you should re-use, reject or replace in GA4 and the steps you'll need to take.

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Link Building Strategies for Better SEO

Link building has always been important to SEO success, but it's even more critical now than ever. Kick off the new year with an overview of what link building entails, why you should focus on it in 2021, and learn about different link building strategies to help improve your website authority and ranking. We'll also discuss the impact that toxic links have on your site's SEO.

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2021 Outlook: Website Design Trends to Watch

Learn which trends drive conversions and which ones won’t, keeping you from wasting valuable time and resources.

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Up Your Digital Marketing Game with Personalization

Did you know that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides a personalized experience? If you're not already incorporating personalization in your marketing strategies, this is the year to start! Join us to learn how personalization can improve your marketing effectiveness and increase engagement - no matter your industry. We'll also share tips on what data you should use, what data you shouldn't, and how to begin gathering it (or refine it). You'll leave with personalization tactics you can start using in your marketing efforts right away.

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2021 Outlook: The Online Customer Experience Imperative

Find out why creating an exceptional digital experience is essential to your company's success in 2021, how to assess your current efforts, and practical tips for making improvements.

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Harness the Power of Google Search Console for Deeper Digital Insights

Google Search Console provides a wealth of information about the SEO health of your website. We’ll show you how to navigate the new interface, focusing on the key elements you need to monitor to achieve SEO success.

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Best Practices for Non-Profit Websites

Non-profits have unique goals and needs when it comes to website design. Join us to learn about the newest trends helping to drive visits, conversions, and donations so you can apply them to your site. We'll also share which trends to ignore, keeping you from wasting your time and resources.

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Is Your Data Negatively Impacting Your Online Sales?

Whether you have e-commerce or want it in the future, this webinar will help you learn how to manage and display large amounts of product, service and content data on your website in ways that improve the user experience and grow business - regardless of CMS platform.

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How Manufacturing Marketers Can Use Personas to Create More Effective Digital Experiences

How well do you really know your target audience? Creating personas can provide a much deeper understanding of the unique needs of your various audiences - particularly in the manufacturing space. Join us for an overview of the persona development process and learn how personas can be used to advance your digital marketing goals.

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Case Studies in Effective Digital Advertising

Looking for new ideas to help expand or improve upon your current digital advertising efforts? Join us as we share proven strategies and tactics from our work with clients across a variety of industries and organizations. Leave with a plethora of new ideas and actionable strategies you can implement right away!

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Digital Marketing Roundtable: Actionable Insights for Manufacturers

Manufacturing marketing has its own, unique set of challenges. We understand! Join our digital marketing experts for an informal roundtable discussion focused on successful strategies our manufacturing clients have implemented that you can use to improve your own digital marketing initiatives. We'll have plenty of time for Q&A, so be sure to bring your questions!

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Social Media Strategies for Manufacturers

Are you a manufacturing marketer whose social media efforts are producing less-than-stellar outcomes? We can help! Kick off Manufacturing Month by joining us to learn how to leverage and turn B2C paid and organic social media strategies into B2B results.

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Digital Marketing Roundtable: Top Trends to Watch in Q4 2020 (and Beyond)

Join our experts for an informal, roundtable discussion about the digital marketing trends, best practices and changes every marketer should know about heading into the last quarter of the year. Don't forget to bring your questions!