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Growing your online presence and your business is a great adventure. So, you’ll need a trusted digital partner.

Since 1997, more than 1,000 B2B and B2C companies worldwide have trusted Northwoods to lead, develop and execute more than 5,000 digital strategies, digital marketing and advertising initiatives, websites, and software projects. Our clients rely on us for our honest guidance, outstanding service, and exceptional expertise.

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Digital Marketing, UX Strategy, Websites and Software Projects


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B2B & B2C
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Digital Marketing

A well-marked trail will keep you on track and lead your audience right back to you.

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In nature, design and utility routinely come together to create amazing, breathtaking results. Your website should do exactly the same.

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Software Development

It's not always possible to find off-the-shelf software that meets 100 percent of your needs 100 percent of the time.

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Group of adults and kids with diverse abilities sitting around a table playing a game

Alianza Latina Aplicando Soluciones (ALAS)


Industry (NWS 2023)
  • Nonprofit
Interior of a large greenhouse

Precision Laboratories


Industry (NWS 2023)
  • Manufacturing
Two smiling women holding cans of LICK energy drink with a crowd in the background

LICK Energy Drink

E-Commerce & Consumer, Manufacturing

Industry (NWS 2023)
  • E-Commerce & Consumer
  • Manufacturing
Man wearing glasses and a blue polo short with arms crossed

The Institutes Knowledge Group

Nonprofit, Societies & Associations

Industry (NWS 2023)
  • Nonprofit
  • Societies & Associations
Group of people seated and talking at a conference

Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer

Healthcare, Societies & Associations

Industry (NWS 2023)
  • Healthcare
  • Societies & Associations
Woman smiling and making a heart shape with her hands

Society of Behavioral Medicine

Nonprofit, Societies & Associations

Industry (NWS 2023)
  • Nonprofit
  • Societies & Associations
Closeup of a hydraulic system with hoses

National Fluid Power Association

Nonprofit, Societies & Associations

Industry (NWS 2023)
  • Nonprofit
  • Societies & Associations
Group of people with arms raised making the shape of a heart with their hands

Project ADAM

Healthcare, Nonprofit

Industry (NWS 2023)
  • Healthcare
  • Nonprofit

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