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Aither Systems

Brand & Marketing Strategy | UX Design

Main Content

Aither Systems is leading the way in renewable energy innovation and makes comprehensive, cutting-edge microgrids that leverage wind, solar energy, and high-density energy storage solutions. Their solutions save money and reduce risk by collecting, storing, and distributing renewable energy more intelligently and efficiently than ever before. 

The Situation

Aither Systems came to Northwoods as a new company without an established brand or website. They turned to us as their digital BFFs to help create an authentic brand identity and grow the company's online presence using our proven WordPress website development approach

Image Selection

Aither Systems offers a unique and technologically advanced product, so our design team carefully selected images that feel authentic and elevate the brand with a polished look. Images complement the lively color palette through inclusion of blue, orange, and yellow tones and make the overall website design feel thoughtful and cohesive.

The Solution

Northwoods developed a daring and disruptive brand personality that sets Aither Systems apart from its competitors. We translated that personality into a mood board, where elements such as color, imagery, fonts, icons, patterns, and backgrounds could be further considered and established.

Our designers selected a bold color palette that plays well off the vibrant yellow and orange hues of the Aither Systems logo, along with darker shades of grey and black to create a sense of balance. The color selection also ensures that the overall design meets contrast ratio requirements for accessibility. 

Mobile Design

With a design that leverages large headings and imagery, it was important to consider how the website would display on mobile devices. Large headings can wrap awkwardly on smaller screen sizes, which is why we opted to reduce the font size across mobiles devices. We also reduced image sizes so users could quickly access important content without too much scrolling. 

The Design

An easily recognizable circuit pattern serves as a nod to the advanced technology side of Aither Systems, and draws the users’ attention to select content. The pattern is a fun and unexpected way to incorporate primary brand colors into the website, and also elevates the brand with a simple design element that can be easily used in both print and digital marketing collateral. 

Northwoods created dual-tone, flat icons that match the boldness of the brand. As with other elements carried throughout the design, the icons are large in size which make them good clickable targets across all devices. They also grab the user’s attention and make content more scannable. The rounded corners of the icons mirror those found in the circuit pattern and add a slight softness to the otherwise straight-edged design.

A grid-like structure is incorporated throughout, referncing the microgrid solutions that Aither Systems provides. This works well with the grid structure commonly seen in Aither Systems' images, especially those that include solar panels. 

The Outcome

Aither Systems now has a more prominent online presence and distinctive branding that utlizes bold colors, imagery, and patterns to help the company stand out in the renewable energy industry. The website is easy for users to navigate and was built with flexibility in mind to allow for future growth. 

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