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Persona Development

Guide Your Audience Down the Right Trails

Appealing to everyone is really appealing to no one. In today’s complex marketing world, the most successful digital campaigns target a specific audience or audiences with personalized messaging that speaks directly to their needs. 

But how do you develop a deep enough understanding of your audiences to craft content that will resonate and motivate them to action? That’s where personas come in! 

Persona development is the process of identifying functional, emotive, behavioral and decision-making attributes to create a detailed, comprehensive view of your audience(s). Once complete, personas provide a framework (usually in the form of audience briefs) that includes this information so you can market your services to those audiences with content that resonates deeply and effectively. 

Good audience briefs aren’t based on intuition; instead, they require a solid foundation of data gathered from your users and third-party data sources.

Northwoods creates personas for our clients regularly, and we’re huge advocates (aka nerds) for brands taking the time to do this work. So if you're ready to explore and develop personas, turn to us to ensure you’re guiding your audiences down all of the right trails!

  • Targeted User Surveys
  • User Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Website Pop-Up Surveys
  • Marketing Data Analysis
  • Market Research


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