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WordPress Maintenance & Support

Avoid a WordPress Mess



Northwoods offers several types of budget-friendly support options to meet your WordPress maintenance and ongoing support needs. 

Northwoods-Built WordPress Website Support Options

Northwoods offers worry-free WordPress service to keep your Northwoods-developed website up-to-date and secure. Choose from three levels of support, all of which provide you with peace of (digital) mind:

Scope Base Advanced Enterprise
Monthly updates to WordPress Core, Theme & Plugins x x x
Install and test updates on staging environment first before publishing live x x x
Allow the client to test updates before pushing live x x x
Advise on content changes and digital best practices x x x
Install and test updates on ecommerce environments   x x
Install and test updates on sites with third-party integrations   x x
Multi-site environment updates and testing     x
Support for complex integrations, catalogs, ecommerce, and/or other significant packages     x

Support for WordPress Websites Not Originally Built by Northwoods

Northwoods also provides support for WordPress websites built by other vendors. We'll help you take back control of your website using a strategic, multi-staged support process that follows digital best practices for fixing and maintaining a secure, scalable, and speedy website.  

Our process for recovering and supporting your website includes:

  • Conducting a website audit that determines how your website is deployed and sets a barometer for how vulnerable it is
  • Meeting with you to present our findings and provide honest feedback on the best approach to taking back your website, which could mean running updates or rebuilding. Our recommendation is based on both initial cost and long-term viability
  • Implementing our recommended approach
  • Supporting the website by conducting monthly updates

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